Tele2 Lithuania

Mano Tele2 APP - this powerful mobile application is designed to enhance your Tele2 experience, offering a range of features that put control, convenience, and connectivity right in the palm of your hand.

Customer’s Needs

In the fast-paced world of mobile communication, having a reliable and user-friendly mobile application is crucial. Tele2, a leading telecommunications provider, has stepped up to the challenge with its innovative mobile application. Designed to streamline your mobile experience, the Tele2 mobile APP offers a plethora of features that make managing your telecom services easier than ever.

Tele2 Lithuania

Main Features

Data Management

User can check the balance of SMS and talk minutes and monitor their usage statistics.

Data Usage Monitoring

User can check the remaining internet data and track its balance in EU/EEA countries. Order additional data packages.

Bill Review

User can pay and check this month's invoice and access past bills and payment records.

Credit Management

User can monitor credit usage and adjust limits as needed.

Easy Top-up

User can top up any PILDYK phone number and manage other accounts.

Phone Repairing Status

User can monitor the status of a phone being repaired (performed at the TELE2 phone maintenance center).

Tech Behind the Project

Mobile Development

iToDEV develops apps using Agile practices and employs tools such as Xcode, Android Studio, GitLab, CI, CD, and Firebase. Additionally, innovative AI-driven tools like Tabnine, JetBrainsAI, and ChatGPT are used.


Quality Assurance

iToDEV QAs work following internationally accepted standards such as ISTQB. We prioritize end-user satisfaction by adhering to BDD principles.

Front-end Development

iToDEV frontend development centers on modern, component-based frameworks. We adhere to best practices for optimizing performance, emphasizing the creation of smooth user experiences across all platforms.


Back-end development

iToDEV approach to developing the backend prioritizes clean code, single responsibility, and security. We adhere to OWASP rules and conduct CVE, SAST, and DAST scanning.


User Experience and Design

iToDEV UX/UI design approach involves understanding user needs, iterating prototyping based on user feedback, and fostering collaboration across interdisciplinary teams.


Packed with innovative features, the APP offers customers seamless control over their mobile plans, data usage, and account management. From real-time data tracking to personalized offers, the Tele2 Lithuania APP ensures a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation. With functionalities like bill payments, plan adjustments, and instant customer support, the APP delivers convenience at the fingertips, empowering users to stay connected and in control of their telecommunications experience.

Tele2 Lithuania

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