Why iToDEV?

We're the go-to crew for creating impressive mobile APP & custom WEB solutions that set the bar high! Working on rad projects in retail, logistics, and healthcare, we're all about the fun and challenge of making awesome digital stuff for people and businesses worldwide.

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Why Work at iToDEV?

We have perks to keep you growing!

Junior Recruitment

Junior Recruitment

We're all about nurturing the next generation of IT pros! iToDEV offers top-notch training and mentorship to budding professionals, arming them with the skills they need to thrive in the industry.

Professional Growth

Professional Growth

From in-house tech workshops to external conferences, we're all about providing countless opportunities for your development. Let's explore the possibilities together!

Ito Coins

iTo Coins

With our internal currency, you can now show your colleagues appreciation more practically! Use it to buy delicious snacks or spoil yourself with some shiny new bling.

Work Worldwide

Work Worldwide

Remote work is the new cool and reality, but we're all about connecting with people. That's why we offer hybrid remote opportunities. Plus, with offices in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda, you can pick the spot that suits you best!

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Stay protected and worry-free with our comprehensive health insurance package. From extensive coverage to peace of mind for you, we've got you covered with a wide range of health benefits.

Welness Activities

Wellness Activities

If your favorite sport isn't on the list, gather some colleagues who share your interest, and we'll make it happen! It's all about staying healthy and having fun together.

Get to Know Us

Who can better introduce iToDEV than the three co-founders?

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Paulius Lazauskas, CEO

For me, iToDEV is more than just a job now. It is a creation that we have nurtured and protected, safeguarding both the company itself and our colleagues from any potential storms. iTo also helps to foster the growth of our other ideas, such as TeamBit, Frontu, and SignOnTab, which are already leading their own separate lives. This activity occupies my thoughts not only during working hours but sometimes even while I am sleeping.

Petras Bieliauskas Itodev

Petras Bieliauskas

Our 18-year journey in mobile APP and custom WEB development is more than just about expertise and experience. It's about building a strong team that shares values and a certain lifestyle. For me, iToDEV represents the freedom for everyone to be themselves while collaborating with like-minded individuals. It's about creating solutions not just as a job, but as a way of life, where creativity and innovation thrive in good company.

Laimonas Ignatavicius Itodev

Laimonas Ignatavičius

I think the dedication and effort of everyone at iToDEV show how we're growing and what we're all about. It's all about giving top-notch and secure custom development services. We stick to our values, which are all about being open, transparent, and reliable. Our team always aims to give high-standard digital solutions while keeping things fun.

iToDEV Values

Our values are at the core of our identity. Our 18-year journey has strengthened our resolve and clarified what matters most to us. These well-defined values guide us through challenges, ensuring that even in tough times, we stay true to ourselves and make decisions aligned with our principles.



We are Close to each other and we believe, that great things can be achieved only by acting shoulder to shoulder with a great team, who has your back and is always ready to help, support, be there when needed, share and believe in the craziest ideas to make them happen.



We are Transparent, and we are not afraid to say - cut the bulls*it and let's talk how really things are. Not sugar-coated, no additional rainbows, and unicorns. It helps us to be more efficient, valued, close to each other, and see things as they really are. This one is also valued by our clients.



And we are Reliable which means, we are keeping our word! We expect the same from you... But on a serious note, we do what we promise, we don't overpromise, we do as we know best and we are not pretending to be/act/ as someone that we are not.

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