Making healthcare paperless by digitizing paper processes, optimizing medical operations, and enhancing patient and provider experiences. Sign on Tab provides a seamless digital solution that reduces time, costs, and errors associated with traditional paper-based systems.

Customer’s Needs

Streamline efficiency by reducing the time spent processing consent forms. Cut costs by eliminating storage growth and expenses associated with retrieving archived documents. Enhance risk management through accurate digital documentation and improved data privacy. Promote sustainability with a significant reduction in paper usage to support environmental goals.


Main Features

Metadata Management

Features automatic metadata exchange that eliminates manual entry, enhances data consistency, and simplifies new document creation.

Advanced Security

Incorporates signature biometrics and encrypted data storage, compliance with ISO standards, using AWS Cloud for secure storage or private server options.


Effortless integration with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) through API connectivity.

Enhanced Accessibility & Usability

Offers instant access to digital data through a user-friendly portal with powerful search and mobile-friendly signing options.

Flexible & Customizable Solutions

Flexible template administration, version control, and metadata reuse, accommodating complex filling scenarios.

Tech Behind the Project

Back-end development

iToDEV approach to developing the backend prioritizes clean code, single responsibility, and security. We adhere to OWASP rules and conduct CVE, SAST, and DAST scanning.


Front-end Development

iToDEV frontend development centers on modern, component-based frameworks. We adhere to best practices for optimizing performance, emphasizing the creation of smooth user experiences across all platforms.


User Experience and Design

iToDEV UX/UI design approach involves understanding user needs, iterating prototyping based on user feedback, and fostering collaboration across interdisciplinary teams.

Quality Assurance

iToDEV QAs work following internationally accepted standards such as ISTQB. We prioritize end-user satisfaction by adhering to BDD principles.

Mobile Development

iToDEV develops apps using Agile practices and employs tools such as Xcode, Android Studio, GitLab, CI, CD, and Firebase. Additionally, innovative AI-driven tools like Tabnine, JetBrainsAI, and ChatGPT are used.



The transition from paper to digital is streamlined, from assessment to continuous support, enhancing every aspect of healthcare administration. Simple and secure systems' methods for filling out and signing documents on-site or remotely improve patient and staff experiences. Sign on Tab benefits include time savings, cost efficiency, reduced legal risk, and contribution to sustainability, proven by successful implementations in hospitals and diagnostic centers.


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