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Maxima Latvia is a leading retail chain in Latvia, serving about 300,000 customers every day. Supported by a team of over 7,000 employees, we are a proud member of the Maxima Grupe holding, contributing to the Baltics' largest retail network and employer. As part of Maxima Grupe, spanning five countries and employing over 30,000 individuals, we're committed to delivering quality service and products across diverse operations.

Customer’s Needs

Maxima Latvia owns two native apps, one for Android and one for iOS, both of which undergo continuous improvement. These apps serve as platforms for making purchases, storing deposit money, and managing Maxima loyalty points. Users can actively engage in various promotions and contribute to donations through the APP. iToDEV serves as the dedicated APP developer and support team for Maxima Latvia.

Maxima Latvia

Main Features

Scan & Go

With this feature, customers can effortlessly scan and add products to their virtual cart as they navigate through the store. The convenience of a digital shopping list, real-time price updates, and automatic checkout contribute to a faster, more streamlined experience.

Add Payment Card (Wallet)

The functionality provides users with a secure and convenient way to link their preferred payment methods to the application. Users can seamlessly input and store their credit or debit card details within the app, creating a digital wallet for swift transactions.

Add Loyalty Card

With this feature, customers can digitize their loyalty cards, ensuring easy access to exclusive benefits, personalized discounts, and accumulated rewards. The app provides a centralized platform for managing and utilizing loyalty points, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Maxima's in-app promotions feature provides users with exclusive access to a dynamic array of special offers, discounts, and tailored deals. Designed to enhance the shopping experience, this functionality delivers personalized promotions directly to the user's fingertips.

Weekly Offers

Every week, the app showcases a curated selection of exclusive deals and discounts on a variety of products, ranging from groceries to household items. Users can easily navigate through the app to discover these limited-time offers, making it a go-to destination for savvy shoppers looking to maximize savings.

Digital Receipts

Maxima App's Digital Receipts feature offers a modern and eco-friendly approach to managing purchase records. With this functionality, users can seamlessly receive and store digital copies of their receipts directly within the app.


Maxima App's Donations Feature empowers users to make a positive impact effortlessly. With this functionality, users can contribute to charitable causes with their loyalty money directly through the app, supporting initiatives aligned with social responsibility and community welfare.

Mobile Payment in POS

With this feature, customers can conveniently make secure payments directly through the Maxima app at the Point of Sale (POS). By linking their preferred payment methods, users enjoy a swift and contactless transaction process, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash.

Tech Behind the Project

Mobile Development

iToDEV develops apps using Agile practices and employs tools such as Xcode, Android Studio, GitLab, CI, CD, and Firebase. Additionally, innovative AI-driven tools like Tabnine, JetBrainsAI, and ChatGPT are used.


Quality Assurance

iToDEV QAs work following internationally accepted standards such as ISTQB. We prioritize end-user satisfaction by adhering to BDD principles.

Front-end Development

iToDEV frontend development centers on modern, component-based frameworks. We adhere to best practices for optimizing performance, emphasizing creating smooth user experiences across all platforms.


Back-end development

iToDEV approach to developing the backend prioritizes clean code, single responsibility, and security. We adhere to OWASP rules and conduct CVE, SAST, and DAST scanning.



Replace plastic loyalty card with the MAXIMA APP for a seamless virtual experience. Leave wallet behind – simply add bank payment card to the APP and make quick payments at the cash register with a single button press. Purchase amount will be deducted directly from the linked bank card. Explore daily promotions, donate your loyalty money, see exclusive discounts, and personalized offers just for you in the MAXIMA APP.

Maxima Latvia

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