Justikal is an eCourt system designed to facilitate the secure handling of documents by various stakeholders involved in legal proceedings, employing eIDAS-compliant trust services. The system empowers parties to verify data containing e-signatures and e-seals.

Customer’s Needs

The utilization of document signatures, claims submissions, or evidence provision required more effective changes. The contrast with the private sector, where numerous entities such as international banks, insurance companies, and mobile operators routinely provide services utilizing electronic signatures in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation. Recognizing this gap, Justical has made the decision to digitize this process.


Main Features

Admin Panel

An admin panel that facilitates user management for Justikal. This includes the ability: create a new user; assign a user to a court; view basic user activity, including the presence of payment details, list of cases user is participating on and list of invoices.


This feature enables parties to collaboratively share and edit documents in real-time. All shared comments and annotations are visible to all parties involved in a specific case.


Efficient electronic delivery of court summonses through email notifications, integrated with PSPDFKit, Dokobit, eSeal, and eSign.


Solution within the Justikal system that enables users to make online payments, effectively resolving the current issue with payments. Integration with Chargebee to collect payments and automate the generation of invoices.

Draft Case

Users can opt to start a case in draft mode, allowing them to work on it, collaborate with other parties, and submit it to the court only when they feel prepared.

Tech Behind the Project

Front-end Development

iToDEV frontend development centers on modern, component-based frameworks. We adhere to best practices for optimizing performance, emphasizing the creation of smooth user experiences across all platforms.


Back-end development

iToDEV approach to developing the backend prioritizes clean code, single responsibility, and security. We adhere to OWASP rules and conduct CVE, SAST, and DAST scanning.


User Experience and Design

iToDEV UX/UI design approach involves understanding user needs, iterating prototyping based on user feedback, and fostering collaboration across interdisciplinary teams.

Quality Assurance

iToDEV QAs work following internationally accepted standards such as ISTQB. We prioritize end-user satisfaction by adhering to BDD principles.


iTo addressed customer needs by crafting software that incorporates Collaboration, eDelivery, Draft case, and Court summoning functionalities. This solution is enhanced by seamless integration with dozens of third-party platforms, including Dokobit, PSPDFKit, Chargebee, Lokalise, BlueSnap, HotJar, Sentry, Mailchimp, and more.


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