CargoSign is a groundbreaking project aimed at digitizing the European Union (EU) transport sector. In response to EU regulations, the European Commission has recognized the benefits of logistics digitization in reducing CO2 emissions. As part of this initiative, CargoSign has developed an electronic CMR (eCMR) software equipped with a digital CO2 calculator.

Customer’s Needs

The customer's requirements included gathering information on regulated solutions for calculating CO2 emissions. Our task was to identify reliable data sources and develop a prototype for a legitimate CO2 calculator based on eCMR data. Concurrently, iToDEV undertook the digitization of paper CMR documents by European Commission regulations, ensuring compliance.


Main Features

Create eCMR

Users can efficiently create, manage, and transmit eCMRs through a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for traditional paper documentation in the logistics and transportation processes.

Edit eCMR

Whether adjusting shipment details or adding essential data, the tool ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing eCMRs.

Send eCMR to driver

Feature streamlines logistics by providing a quick and efficient way to transmit electronic eCMR directly to drivers app.

Sign eCMR via APP, WEB, email

Users can securely sign eCMRs through multiple channels, including the dedicated APP, WEB platform, or email.

Calculate CO2 Emission

By inputting relevant data, such as the mode of transport, distance, and other variables, the feature generates accurate calculations of CO2 emissions.

Store eCMR Data to eFTI

Solution for storing eCMR data on Electronic Freight Transport Information (eFTI) platforms.

Connect eCMR with ERP

By integrating eCMR software with the customer's ERP, the feature improves data accuracy, minimizes manual input, and enables real-time tracking and management of consignments.

Tech Behind the Project

User Experience and Design

iToDEV's UX/UI design approach involves understanding user needs, iterating prototyping based on user feedback, and fostering collaboration across interdisciplinary teams.

Back-end development

iToDEV approach to developing the backend prioritizes clean code, single responsibility, and security. We adhere to OWASP rules and conduct CVE, SAST, and DAST scanning.


Front-end Development

iToDEV frontend development centers on modern, component-based frameworks. We adhere to best practices for optimizing performance, emphasizing the creation of smooth user experiences across all platforms.


Quality Assurance

iToDEV QAs work following internationally accepted standards such as ISTQB. We prioritize end-user satisfaction by adhering to BDD principles.


iToDEV led the Research and Development (R&D) initiative, overseeing the creation of prototypes and the development of a distinctive solution tailored for transport companies. This solution enables the generation of digital CMR documents, offering the capability to calculate CO2 emissions for specific routes and customers. The data can be seamlessly stored via API either in the ERP system or the user's account on CargoSign and be passed to eFTI platforms.


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